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    Discover a refined and opulent skin care line that tells the story of sumptuous Morocco - land of lights, country of abundance where nature blooms and expands, a universe of warmness, colours and fragrant landscapes.

    marocMaroc is an invitation for the senses to travel while pampering the face and body with extreme gentleness. By reinterpreting ancestral beauty customs through modern formulas, marocMaroc gives life to the most enchanting beauty tales - inspired by the soft atmosphere of the hammam, the richness of the argan tree, the majesty of the rose, the authenticity of almond flowers…

    Its very natural formulas - tested - its caressing touches, subtle perfumes, carefully selected plants, make it an exceptional line composed of elegant and seductive products.

    In each formula, ingredients are magnified through very natural textures, free of silicone, parabens, and mineral oil. Pleasure and absolute confidence combine in these products, formulated to minimize risks of allergy, non comedogenic and tested for proven results.