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    marocMaroc has a very prestigious spa in the heart of London: On the 5th floor of Harrods Department Store. Inspired by ancient Moroccan customs and influenced by luxury spa rituals, The Moroccan Spa marocMaroc provides its clients with a spirited and cultured social environment in which to relax, revive the mind and soften the skin.

    Unlike a traditional spa treatment, on arrival to The Moroccan Spa, your experience will take you on a journey through warm rooms and a relaxing lounge that resembles regal Morocco. The first warm room will acclimatize your body to the heat before you enter the hot area where your personal Kessala (therapist) will take care of you from head to toe (scrub, rinse and massage). Your treatment will end in a decadent lounge area where you can lie back and enjoy that extra moment of sheer relaxation and calm with a Moroccan tea to aid in restoring and balancing your fluid levels.